• Instagram in RelationDesk

    See all your Insgtagram post and comments.

    Answer all customers.

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  • Level up your Instagram


    All you Instagram posts and comments automatically show up in RelationDesk.


    Manage multiple accounts with ease. Keep track of exactly what is done and what team member did what.


    RelationDesk is a magic booster for Instagram.

    RelationDesk enbles you and your team to always know exactly what to do. Be exceptionall in social media.




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  • Answer all posts and comments

    In RelationDesk you answer all comments on your posts.

  • Mark it as done

    Mark as done and know what to do.


  • Track customers across Instagram accounts

    See if a customer has written to ANY of your Instagram accounts before.

  • Search messages

    Search & find anything. Reuse answers.

  • Collaborate in teams

    Give team members access. Ask experts for help. 

  • Add notes

    Add notes to a  a message. And even see all notes for any customer.

  • Add tags and set positive/negative

    See what products were the most talked about. Or what campaigns that your custmers liked the most.

  • Measure

    Measure KPI goals. Measure team members. And improve!

And so much more!

Now is the time to take RelationDesk for a test drive. To really get a feel for how much Relation Desk really helps you and your team, try it out! Get a demo account today!

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