We just released Rerav beta version 1.2

Good evening, friends! We are proud to announce that we have just released Rerav beta version 1.2!

This is a major release with an all new user interface that is now even more in line with how you guys want to use Rerav.

For this release we want to thank Mr. David Mondelore at Microsoft Studios in London for his fantastic input to the redesign in version 1.2!

Rerav beta version 1.1.9 released

Yes, there it goes! Rerav beta version 1.1.9 is now released.

This is a maintenance release that makes Rerav more stable and more in tune with the user.

We have gotten so much great feedback from our users. We would like to especially thank Simon Vikström at 24-7 Creating for all his contributions. Thank you!

Some of the changes in 1.1.9:

  • Resetting the password now works for everyone
  • Comments showing up in the wrong order is fixed
  • Users who has been delegated access to two or more pages now always post comments from the correct page
  • The password reminder page’s graphics is now in line with the rest of Rerav.com
  • When working with a Facebook page where you are the only admin, the menu options for delegation are removed (well, you don’t need them!)
  • A lot of other changes and fixes
We hope you like it!

Rerav officially released in closed beta

What’s up friends! Today is the day. THE day. We are releasing closed beta version 1.1.7!

We’d like to especially thank Karin Nordlund at Telia for her extraordinary beta feedback to this update.

Version 1.1.7 has loads of new stuff and we’ll tell you about it in the status updates on the Rerav Facebook Page over the next few days!